Artist statement

A deep feeling of isolation encouraged me to leave Chile in 2005 to look for a place where I could grow personally and artistically. This departure initiated my transition from being an emerging award-winning artist and teaching assistant at the University of Chile to an illegal concrete laborer in Boston. As an undocumented alien, my art-making process changed completely. The limitations of knowing no one, lacking English skills and having extremely restricted resources became my new possibilities. My artwork became increasingly abstract and minimal, exploiting the value of the gesture over elaborate production.

I use video and photography as a tool to capture and articulate images. Within this two-dimensional realm, the roles of space, characters and environment are interdependent. My pieces are brief descriptions of the moment and action from which phenomena unfolds. I am interested in this transitional zone between stillness and motion; between the purely pictorial and the cinematic. I Often use digital interventions to play with the codes of representation, the narrative models are manipulated to affect the viewer’s sense of logic and reality. By modifying the pace of a video’s sequence, mood and atmosphere are also transformed.

Time-based media allows me to build unique connections with the viewer. It promotes an exploration of the uncertainties of representation and maximizes the gestural potential of imagery. Without a pre-conceived aesthetic of working in mind, it is through continually assembling these common denominators that a thematic series becomes recognizable. The resulting imagery builds upon the consequence of an action, the evidence of absence and sense of loneliness.